Gold Refining

Are you in the trade ? Tired of paying exorbitant fees and charges when you refine your gold?
M.A.K Precious Metals offer's two different services to sell your gold.

You have the option to come into our office, in Melbourne or Brisbane and sell your gold by the carat on the spot at a wholesale rate, quickly assessed using our XRF machine. Or, alternatively, you can refine your gold at our refinery. We have no incoming weight fee's, retention fee's or Fire Assay fee. Just one agreed buy back rate on the fine gold. With fast turnover times you can get the cash flow you need to run your business. If you wish we can melt and XRF assay in front of you to ensure honesty and transparency when dealing with M.A.K Precious Metals.

For more information please contact the Melbourne head office on 03 8678 2050.




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